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This is our take on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gravy. We spotlight Southern Culture, Food, Drink, Location and much more.

About the Hosts

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JT "Biggun"


Biggun’ was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but considers St. Louis where he grew up. Regardless of where he was born and raised, he has always and will always be a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan. He attended college at Campbellsville University and gained a B.A. and Masters and a ton of debt with a degree that he doesn’t use at all.

While going to college he met his wife and quickly moved to Houston, TX to learn a bunch of stuff about life that we don’t have time for here. One thing he learned was his love of podcasts and radio where he started with the Dr. Dave and Biggun show. However, after moving from Houston to Charlotte, NC, doing a show long distance wouldn’t work out, so they broke up.
Armed with a little bit of life under his belt, his southern values and humor, Biggun shares his love of basketball, bourbon and besties with the listeners of SFP.

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Producer Brian

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Ryan "Magic Man"